Looking for a hostel in Washington DC?

Lucky you! You are probably planning a trip to Washington, DC and looking for a place to stay. Well look no further, my traveling friends. Whether you are a student or a budget-minded traveler looking for a clean, safe, friendly and fun place to stay in the coolest part of DC, you've found it.

This is the hostel to stay in if you want to be on the hippest street in town. With bars, nightclubs, and restaurants located just stumbling feet away, the Washington International Student Center is also very close to the train and bus stations as well as many of Washington's famous landmarks. Without a doubt, this is a great location. There is a large Safeway grocery store and many fantastic restaurants located just outside the door — meters away.

Staying here for a few days was truly an amazing experience that stands out as my favorite part of my trip to America. Thanks to the patient staff for happily answering all of my questions and making me feel so welcome. I can't wait to come back next year! So go ahead and book your room knowing you made the right choice.

If you happen to be traveling by yourself, like I was, this is a great hostel to meet other travelers. Visitors and staff hang out in the common area and make you feel at home. The next thing you know you are hanging out with a bunch of strangers from other countries having the time of your life.

-Erik from the U.K.

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